Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Brief Update

Hello, friends.
I haven't forgotten this blog. I've simply been debating my next topic of discussion. Not to mention these entries take quite a few hours to write, not including research time...and I've just been so busy of late.

I'm going to try and write and entry tomorrow (unless my parents visit), in which case I'll write on Monday instead.

Thank you for your patience.

I do hope you've received some valuable information from this blog so far.

If you have any recommendations or topic requests, please don't hesitate to throw them my way.

Many thanks.


Monica said...

I had figured with the research you put into what you write about it wouldn't be one entry right after another here. I appreciate that you get all the facts before writing. :-)


Tricia said...

I totally understand. I do look forward to the next topic.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a dumb question . . . my hubby and I were discussing the recent findings that vaccinations do not cause Autism (according to the news). We were talking about how blessed and lucky we are that nothing happened to our three children. But, we were wondering if you know if there is any findings that the weight of the children has anything to do with it? Meaning that we had pretty big babies (not at birth, but by a few months old, they were already larger than the norm) and we were wondering if you heard or read anything about the weight of the children having anything to do with if they will get Autism or not from the vaccinations.

I am not having my children vaccinated any more and am lucky enough to live in a state where I can sign a paper stating that we are not doing it for "religious reasons". I will NOT put any further poison into their bodies that's for sure.

Oh, and another question, does the age of the child make a difference when getting vaccinated? As in, if a teeny baby gets 10 vaccinations vs. a 10 year old 60 pound child.

Just some things I have been pondering. Thank you!!!! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey woman no problem, you have a life going on! I always look forward to your entries though. I just thought I should also tell you that I went to order enzymes from kirkman and found that they were more expensive than ordering through your store!!! Even at larger quantities, its cheaper by 2 cents each enzyme to order from you! So I ordered two more bottles, hopefully I wont run out.

I forgot to give Isabel her enzyme the other morning and she ate toast and had a stomach ache, later at school at her valentines party she flat out refused to eat a cupcake, because she hadnt had an enzyme and was worries she would throw up! I thought it was odd but she reminded me that this is precisely what happened LAST YEAR on Valentines day! She had pizza for lunch and then a cookie at her party and threw it all up. Yes, right there in class. Right at her desk. In the middle of the party. And I had to pick her up. So anyway, she is getting better at policing herself aobut the enzymes. In other good news, we finally bought some tings and...both my kids love them, he he

Please tell me the diff between yeast in the body and nutritional yeast on food. I so confused....